Tanner Vogel dominated the pins this week. shooting 300, 277, and 259 for an 836 scratch series, taking the number 1 position on the leader board.

There are still two weeks to qualify for the stepladder finals on Halloween at AMF Kissimmee Lanes.

The top 5 series for the month, including handicap, will shoot it out for a first place trophy and $100.

See Charlie “DJ” Kim, or Ron Vogel to sign up when you bowl in your league, or click HERE to enter online.

It is $6 to enter each time you qualify.

Andrew Vogel holds the Best of the House Championship Trophy for September after winning the title match at AMF Kissimmee Lanes on Oct. 3.

Andrew Vogel came three strikes away from perfection Sunday. Shooting a 279-scratch game, a 291 with a 12-pin handicap, to win the Best of the House September Champion’s title.

Vogel defeated second seed Morgan Manzi in the title match of the stepladder final at AMF Kissimmee Lanes, 291-245.

Although Manzi stayed clean throughout the game, little could be done as Vogel’s two-handed, lefty, power shot, crushed the rack nine consecutive times, bringing him three strikes and one frame away from a perfect 300 game.

The first ball of the 10th came in high to the pocket, leaving the 6-pin standing.

“I knew I rushed it a little bit,” Vogel said of his first offering in the 10th frame. “That’s why I left the 6-pin, I pulled it.”

Vogel picked up the spare and added a final strike for his 279-scratch score.

“Andrew was on fire,” second place winner Morgan Manzi said of his title match. “It’s hard to beat some one on fire like that.”

Manzi, who was the second-place seed in the tournament, played his role of spoiler to perfection, eliminating the possibility of a Vogel sibling rivalry title match by dispatching Andrew’s brother Tanner Vogel in the semi-final game, 251-214.

Tanner, who came out of the fourth-place seed, defeated last month’s champion, Justin Ramsey in the first match of the day 222-159, then narrowly took out third seed Geri Rouse 248-239 in the second match before running into Manzi.

With 41 pins of handicap, Manzi’s 204 left Tanner with very little room for error because of his 221 average and no handicap.

“Morgan is a fierce competitor,” Vogel said. “(With a handicap) it could go either way. Bowling out here, scratch, is going to be tough, 214 may seem like I put up a good game, but I really didn’t.”

In the prior match, Tanner went into the 10th frame with a very real possibility of losing the match as Geri Rouse needed a double and good count in the final game to slip by him.

A pocket hit that left a split ended that opportunity after Rouse put strikes together in the 8th, 9th, and first shot in the 10th.

“I had (Tanner) sweating, I wanted to work him up, and I did that,” Rouse said. “I’ll take that as a “W” for me.”

Rouse placed third in the qualifying for both August and September, finishing 3rd and 4th respectively.

“I’ll always compete,” she said. “It’s fun and its with good people.”

Rounding out the field, August’s champion, Justin Ramsey took 5th place in September after a series of bad leaves, including a couple of splits, took him out of his match with Tanner fairly early.

“(My performance) was pretty bad,” Ramsey said. “I had some opens early, and I just couldn’t bounce back. You can’t leave opens against (these folks), you can’t come back from that. But I’ll try again next month.”

The mini tournament is open to league bowlers at AMF Kissimmee Lanes and qualifying for the October finals begins this week.


Justin Ramsey holds his August Best of the House Champion’s Trophy at AMF Kisssimmee Lanes on Oct. 3.

The top five bowlers for the Best of the House September Final Stepladder competition are set!

Justin Ramsey (5), Tanner Vogel (4), Geri Rouse (3), Morgan Manzi (2), and Andrew Vogel (1) will compete Sunday Oct. 3 at 1 p.m. for the September title.

The finals will take place at AMF KIssimmee Lanes, and will appear later in a video on this website, YouTube and our Facebook page.

The finals competition is open for the public to come and watch, and there is an opportunity for open bowling after the competition, so come out and support your favorite bowler during the finals, then bowl a couple games after.

Ramsey won the August competition, but will now have to climb the stepladder to repeat as champion.

Tanner Vogel was not able to attend the first competition, and is looking to improve his August position.

Geri Rouse is, once again, firmly in third place and hopes to move up to the title match.

Both Manzi, and Andrew Vogel will debut their skills in the second and first seeds.