September BOH Standings WK 2

September Best of the House Standings WK 2 ending 9/10

Here are the standings for the Beat of The House September Tournament for week 2 ending 9/10/21.

There is still time to enter for the month and qualify for the Finals Stepladder on Oct. 3 at noon.

1st Place $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50, 4th $25, and 5th $10 * Amounts may increase based on number of entries above the guaranteed prize fund of $260.

Enter HERE, or see Ron Vogel, or Charlie Kim on your league night to enter.

Entries are $6 and you can enter as many times as you wish and bowl during a league at AMF Kissimmee Lanes.

Top five series each month move on to the finals.

Entries for September close after the Friday night leagues Oct. 1.

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