Best of the House Standings 8/12/21

Best of the House Standings for 8/12/21

To enter the August tournament, visit:

The “Best of The House” is a monthly mini tournament within league bowling at AMF Kissimmee Lanes.

How it Works: League bowlers compete in their respective leagues as normal. They can sign up for an entry each night they bowl for $6 and then submit their 3-game series with their average and for THAT league.

Scores for each bowler will be confirmed via the recaps from that night’s bowling.

The series are then listed with the five highest going on to compete in a stepladder final the first weekend of the next month, either Saturday or Sunday, for cash prizes based on the number of entries.

Bowlers can re-enter as many times as they bowl in a league and can enter once for each league they bowl in during the week.

Handicap is 90% of 220, the top five bowlers each month win cash based on the number of entries for the month.

Only the highest series a bowler rolls during the month, and the average for that league, will count in the standings regardless of the number of entries the bowler makes.

Standings can be viewed at:, Local Bowler Facebook page and

Sponsors will be sought to increase the prize fund.

The top five bowlers will be seeded into a stepladder final based on their highest series for the month.

Bowlers that cannot attend the stepladder final in person, will still use their blind score (average-10) to defend their seed.

Ties in qualifying seeds will be settled in a one-game roll off prior to the start of the final.

Ties during the finals will be settled with a 10th frame roll off to determine a winner for the match.

This is a non-sanctioned tournament, but all USBC rules apply.

All decisions by the tournament director are final.

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