Presents: “The Best of The House” Tournament

The “Best of The House” is a monthly mini tournament within league bowling at AMF Kissimmee Lanes.

How it Works: League bowlers compete in their respective leagues as normal. They can sign up for an entry each night they bowl for $6 and then submit their 3-game series with their average and handicap for THAT league.

The series are then listed with the five highest going on to compete in a stepladder final the first weekend of the next month, either Saturday or Sunday, for cash prizes based on the number of entries.

Bowlers can re-enter as many times as they bowl and can enter once for each league they bowl in during the week.

Handicap is 90% of 220, the top five bowlers each month win cash based on the number of entries for the month.

For example, $6 X 100 entries for the month (25 per week, 5 per day/league) would payout approximately:

1st – $111

2nd – $98

3rd – $85

4th – $72

5th – $60

Sponsors will be sought to increase the prize fund.

Contact Charles Kim for more information at sbnewsman1@gmail.com, or go to: https://www.tournamentbowl.com/Open/TournamentHome.cfm?id_tournament=4724

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