AMF Kissimmee Lanes – As week eight ended on April 5, Ron Baran continued his dominance of the long Badger 52-foot oil pattern, while Chris Boger quietly slipped into the overall point lead for the 12-week league.

Baran, who has led on the difficult pattern since it began, chalked up another 33.5 points Monday night to maintain his lead on the pattern with 78.5 points going into its last week tomorrow night, April 12.

Last week Baran said he has had to slow his game down from the high-speed, high-rev ball he throws during the Thursday night Lords & Ladies mixed league at the center where he is part of the Pins of Anarchy team.

He admits its difficult to reign in the speed and revolutions for the longer, more difficult PBA 2016 Badger pattern, but also said he loves the challenge the sport shot league offers to bowlers.

Boger, ever consistent, added 33 points in week 8 to launch him into the top overall spot with 270 points since the league began in mid-February.

He took third place on both the first pattern, Los Angeles 36-foot, and Cheetah 35-foot, then powered up the leaderboard with 43 points the first week of the Badger pattern to take second place behind Baran with just one week to go.

Baran has a total of 78.5 points on the Badger with Boger a close second with 76 points, followed by Roland Rouse with 63, Justin Rouse with 62, Charlie “DJ” Kim with 61, Justin Ramsey with 58, Joel Coriano with 57.5, Omar Guzman with 41 and Steve Pomelow with 33 points on the pattern.

The 12-week singles handicap league spends three weeks each on four different patterns.

Kim took first place on the Los Angeles pattern with 126.5 points, followed closely by Joel Coriano with 125.5, and then Boger with 120 points on that pattern.

Omar Guzman dominated the Cheetah 35-foot pattern during the next three weeks to finish first with 126 points, followed by Justin Rouse, who threw two 190 games during the second week, for 122.5 points, and Boger, again in third with 119.

Kim led the league in total points for several weeks before Boger slipped by him for first place last week, April 5.

Boger now leads overall with 270 points, followed by Kim with 267.5, Justin Rouse with 253.5, Coriano with 250, Guzman with 225, Ramsey with 202, Roland Rouse with 187, Ron Baran with 185.5, Howard Gill with 130.5, Jasmine Smith with 116.5, Geri Rouse with 75, and a latecomer to the league, Steve Pomelow with 71.5 after bowling with the league for just two weeks and carrying a converted 203 average.

The Badger pattern wraps up this Monday, April 12, and then the league will face the final pattern which may be “another animal pattern,” according to League Manager Ron Vogel.

Vogel said the top winners for the patterns will compete in a yet to be determined format for the overall championship.

See the week 8 video here.