Thursday Night Lords & Ladies Tranquilos VS No One Cares Battle for Second Place

Despite having only one team member in attendance, Tranquilos won six out of eight points to take sole possession of second place in the Lords & Ladies Thursday night league at AMF Kissimmee Lanes.

Three team members were sidelined this week due to COVID-19, but should be back soon.

In the meantime, Steve Pomelow II carried the team past a fully staffed No One Cares in the first two games with a pair of deuces, (209 and 200), in addition to the absent scores for the sidelined team members, Lucas Brown, Pablo and Enrique Azcarate.

No One Cares members Fred Toor, John Zahn, Charlie Kim and Miguel Ventura kept the games close, losing the first by just 15 pins and the second by about 40.

Although they won the final game preventing a Tranquilos sweep, they ended up about 20 pins short of winning total pins for the match and could only salvage two out of eight points on the night.

Tranquilos (54-26) now owns second place and No One Cares (50-30) falls two spots to fifth place in the 25-team league.

See the video here.

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