Justin Rouse Takes Lead On PBA Cheetah 35′ Pattern In Local Sport Shot League

Justin Rouse put two 199 scratch games back-to-back on Monday night to take the lead in the Adult Sport Shot League at AMF Kissimmee Lanes.

His 199 games came in the middle of a 147 opening effort and a 169 to close out the night in the four-game set.

It was the first of three weeks the adults will spend on the short Cheetah pattern.

The bowlers competed on another short pattern, Los Angeles 36-feet, for the first section of the league.

They will see two other patterns in the 12-week singles handicap competition.

Champions of each pattern will challenge each other at the end.

The top three bowlers in the first pattern were; Charlie “DJ” Kim, Joel Coriano and Chris Boger.

In overall points, Kim and Coriano are separated by just a single point, 164.5 to 163.5, followed by Rouse with 161 total points.

See a video of Monday night’s action here. https://youtu.be/b0TiX72fMO8

PBA Cheetah 35′ Pattern

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